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Best gaming keyboard 2019: Top mechanical and membrane picks


With so many great keyboards to pick from these days, finding the best gaming keyboard for you and your budget can be tricky. First, you’ve got to figure out whether you’d rather save some money and get a cheap membrane-based one, or maybe splash out a bit and get a mechanical one instead. However, even if you do decide to go down the mechanical keyboard route, the next question you’ve got to ask yourself is what kind of switch you want, as this can affect everything from the speed of each key to how it feels and sounds in everyday use. Our best gaming keyboard guide is here to help.

To aid you in your quest to find the best keyboard for gaming, I’ve put together all of my top recommendations across a bunch of different price points. Below, you’ll find everything from the best membrane gaming keyboards and the mechanical gaming keyboards to the best wireless gaming keyboards and those you can use in your living room if you’d rather kick back on the sofa instead of sitting up at your desk. Whatever your budget, we’ve got a best gaming keyboard recommendation for you.


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